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      "I have been so lucky, so often, to be in the right place at the right time.  My life has been an adventure echoing a movie plot in old Hollywood.  From the time I was a very small child, I was obsessed with old Hollywood.  I dreamed of knowing and working with the legendary people from that Golden era.  My dream came true in the very best ways possible."
    "People ask me so often, how did you get from Seaside, Oregon to Hollywood, California?  I had a lot of guts, a lot of determination and a lot of good luck."

"Green Mist" - Sold

    "I left Oregon and arrived in Los Angeles the week before I turned 21.  A few weeks later, Fate intervened and I met my favorite movie costume designer, two-time Oscar winner, Helen Rose. Helen had retired at that point. She had written two books and was doing a fashion show with 30 of her most famous movie costumes. I went to work with Helen producing the show and modeling the movie costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor and Cyd Charisse.  Through Helen, I met Emmy Award winning designer, Nolan Miller.  Nolan was designing costumes for DYNASTY, HOTEL, LOVE BOAT and other hit television shows. Also for many movies, specials and live shows.  I worked with him on 15 movies.  I worked as Nolan's assistant and as his in-house model - Joan Collins DYNASTY costumes fit me perfectly.  I got to do fantastic things like hand-paint June Allyson's shoes at 2:00 am and wire beads into a tiara for Esther Williams for the 1986 ACADEMY AWARDS."  Click Here to view 1986 Academy Awards clip.

  " It was wonderful!  I worked with all of my favorites: Barbara Stanwyck, Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers and Ann Miller, just to name a few.  I was also featured in a full page photo in the April 1987 "Hollywood" edition of LIFE Magazine, cleaning Greer Garson's star on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  A few months after starting my job with Nolan Miller, I met Elizabeth Taylor - a meeting which would change my life forever."

     "While still working full-time for Nolan Miller, I started working for Elizabeth Taylor on the weekends.  Initially, she hired me to go through her many clothes, edit them and organize what was left. I began wardrobe shopping for her, helping her get dressed for special events, and styling her for photographs and commercials.  Eventually I left my job with Nolan and went to work with Elizabeth full-time, as her personal assistant and stylist.  Working with her was an amazing adventure!  I traveled all over the world, attended iconic events, met many incredible people and had more fun that I can ever describe."

    "All the while, I was making all sorts of wearable art: clothing, tiaras, bridal headpieces, and over-the-top hats for people, photographers and fashion shows.  While traveling with Elizabeth, I collected fabric, trim, beads and feathers from around the world.  This is where my COSTUME ART began.  I created many pieces for Elizabeth like one-of--kind caftans, nightgowns and robes and Halloween costumes. Whimsy, sparkle and lots of fun!"

"Atomic Bubbles" - Sold

     "Aside from my work with Helen Rose, Nolan Miller and Elizabeth Taylor, I created and sold a retail line of lounge-wear and caftans.  Several of my lounge-wear designs were worn by Elizabeth Taylor in ads for ELIZABETH TAYLOR'S PASSION perfume bath products. I was featured in the 1989 book, CALIFORNIA DESIGN.  In 1992-1993, I was a Contributing Editor to HARPER'S BAZAAR Magazine.  In 2009, I was inducted into the Seaside High School Hall of Fame, for both my student and career achievements."

     "After many years of living in Los Angeles and London, I have returned to Oregon.  I am the artist and designer at Jorjett Strumme - Costume Art."

   I am so happy to be part of the first authorized biography of Elizabeth Taylor.  Release date December 6, 2022.

Please look at the "Jorjett's Scrapbook" page on this website for fun photos and memories.

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LEGENDS: Hollywood & RoyaltySeptember 6-8, 2023

1960 vintage Christian Dior

July 16, 2022
Christian Dior - Halston - Valentino

Photo courtesy of Kody Frederick - JULIEN'S AUCTIONS

"Art Shows - What's New"
     During my years with Elizabeth Taylor, I was the lucky recipient of many of her vintage designer clothes.  In 2020, I made the decision to start selling my collection.  I contacted JULIEN'S AUCTIONS in Beverly Hills to start the ball rolling . I  began a wonderful relationship with JULIEN'S when I consigned the first pieces of my collection. In December 2021, the first of an ongoing series of auctions took place.  This 1960's purple and lavender sweater worn often by ET during the filming of CLEOPATRA was one of the pieces sold.    Please look at the section of my website called "Art Shows - What New" to see more.The second auction took place July 16, 2022.
Stay tuned for more!

Photo courtesy of Darrell Rooney

"Temple Flower"

"Wasp Woman"


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